• Kathy Lane

    I love coloring and coloring animals is my favorite.Thanks for sharing your list.

  • Danielle M Fernandez

    I have so many coloring books, yet I don’t have this one. Would be nice to have on my days when my mood is a little off

  • Gabrielly Margutti

    I love coloring animals.

  • Jennifer Clause-Packwood

    I need this!

  • lefty22

    I love these!

  • Betsy Barnes

    When I clicked on “Fill Out Your Details to Start” on the giveaway widget, it quickly closed and I could not enter any details. Is there a way to edit this? I do not wish to be disqualified. Can you help?

    • Try refreshing the page and entering your details again. It should work just fine. You will not be disqualified for sure 🙂

  • that one guy

    i want one so bad lmao

  • rose

    Love this

  • Karen R. Propes

    Beautiful books!

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