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This category if is for coloring palette inspirations. Next time you wonder what colors to use for your coloring page or DYI project come here and take a look at the different coloring palettes that might inspire you!

People say that the best color combinations come from nature! And this is true! One of the best designs are inspired by the colors of nature. This is because they look amazing don’t they! And when you are stuck on which colors to use you better take a walk outside as pretty much everything out there could trigger your inspiration. I have talked about this before in How to Choose a Color Palette for Adult Coloring Books.

And remember… you don’t need a lot of colors to make your project or coloring page look amazing! Sometimes up to 5 colors is the best range. 2 of those colors should be very contrasting and the others can be some kind of a nuance of the primary color. This way you can make good contrast between important elements using the contrasting colors. The others you can use for shades by mixing them together.

If you want more, we have a Coloring Palette Pinterest board that you can follow and get inspiration from there as well.

So go follow us on Pinterest for more coloring inspirations!

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Autumn Coloring Palettes: 16 Coloring Palettes To Inspire You

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