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Coloring Palette
Autumn Coloring Palettes: 16 Coloring Palettes To Inspire You

The summer is almost over, but the most colorful season of all is ahead of us - autumn. The colors of the trees turn into all kinds of shades and start to make the mountains look astonishing. That is why I have prepared for you 16 autumn coloring palettes that will inspire your coloring! People ...

Adult Coloring BooksTop List
Benefits of Adult Coloring: Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Today!

Adult coloring is are not just a hobby. The world went crazy and totally fell in love with this old new trend and so did we! But a lot of people don't know about the benefits of adult coloring! I recently shared my hobby with some friends and other students at university were wow-ing all ...

Adult Coloring BooksAdult Coloring Books AnimalsTop List
14 Best Adult Coloring Books with Animals

There has been lots of coloring books on the market. But when it comes to which are the best of the adult coloring books animals - we got you covered. If you start searching for the little gems out there you might get lost. Sometimes even the bestseller list on Amazon can't help you. ...

Adult Coloring BooksAdult Coloring Books AnimalsHow To Guides
How to Choose a Color Palette for Adult Coloring Books

Being the latest craze, adult coloring books have evolved into something much more than a Sunday-afternoon activity. Apart from their stress-relief and meditative pros, they bring about a whole new world of colorful possibilities. Even the most short-on-talent people (like yours truly) could find a ...

Adult Coloring BooksSwear Word Coloring Books
Swear Word Coloring Book – New Trend Emerging

As adult coloring books have gained their fair share of fame, grown-ups can now freely get childish whenever and wherever they wish. There’s nothing to be ashamed of anymore, play the fool as much as you want to. The thing is, what if getting childish isn’t exactly what you need when somebody ...

Adult Coloring BooksHow To Guides
How To Color Your New Adult Coloring Book Like a Pro?

It sounds like a piece of cake, right? What’s there so special to know anyway? I mean, after all, we are the adults… Wrong! Coloring could be quite tricky and it might quickly turn from pleasure to st(r)ain. There are different coloring mediums and each one of them has its pros and cons. ...

Adult Coloring BooksHow To Guides
How To Choose Your Own Coloring Book – Guide To Your Inner Self

Coloring is something that goes way beyond having mindless fun. Especially when it comes to grown-ups. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to be a certified psychologist in order to appreciate its influence. But you should still be aware of a few psychological facts that would give you a brand ...

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