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Benefits of Adult Coloring: Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Today!

Benefits of Adult Coloring Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Today

Adult coloring is are not just a hobby. The world went crazy and totally fell in love with this old new trend and so did we!

But a lot of people don’t know about the benefits of adult coloring!

I recently shared my hobby with some friends and other students at university were wow-ing all the time.

“That’s so cool!”.

Of course I got also asked “Aren’t you too old for this?“, “Why do you waste your time?”.

I’ll tell you that – coloring is for everybody and we have a list the benefits of adult coloring!

Don’t listen to anyone who is telling you they are too old for them!

In this article I will show you the top 7 reasons why you should start coloring today.

So lets begin and make you a coloring addict…



Perfect for “Me-Time”

Do you ever feel like isolating and need to spend more time with yourself?

Probably yes, especially if you’re an introvert or just stressed out. Adult coloring is a great way to share both with friends and you & yourself.

Grabbing a cup of tea or a glass of wine, playing some nice playlist in the background and filling some mandalas in pastel colors.

Sounds like a nice evening, right?

Sometimes all you need is to distract yourself from social media, night clubs or just the daily schedules,  and spending 30-60 minutes coloring seems like a good way to look after yourself and the time on your own.


Releasing your inner child

Coloring is a childish activity? That’s insane! 

By the list of the top coloring books worldwide, you can see that this trend is now massive.

Overall, age is just a number. Labelling activities by age groups is nonsense.

Passing through an empty playground and looking back at the swings, I’m only ashamed to get on them and just feel like I’ve turned back time.

So what?

Feeling 6 again may make us feel younger, more confident and happy.

That pure happiness that adults seem like they have forgotten.

A little know-how: coloring for grown ups includes not only mandalas and flowers but different shapes and animals. Just like when we were 5!


Stress relieving

Yes, therapists have approved adult coloring as an effective way of dealing with stress and handling with some mental health and emotional issues.

The Monday to Friday, 8-12-hours working day schedule is devastating, isn’t it?

Sometimes you need to just sit and chill out a bit.

Getting home and going grocery shopping, then doing some household things can’t quite distract you from the busy day you’ve just had.

Spending an hour a day with your color pencils and adult coloring pages is a total mood booster, it helps you to focus on something else than work and obligations.

Have you tried sweary word coloring books? It’s a great anger management and a beautiful yet sassy way to deal with emotions regarding your boss, ex-boyfriend or just the neighbour’s dog.



More time with the kids

If you’re a parent you may sometimes think that you don’t spend enough time with your children.

As just being kids, they need your atteintion and let’s be honest – you don’t always feel like playing Legos or attending a tea party.

While some prefer video games and watching movies and cartoons, why not coloring?

If your kiddo has some artsy views and talents you can even share your Mandala or Animal Pattern themed books with him so he or she can become a pro!

Hint: If the kids see you enjoy coloring they would probably take interest in what mommy or daddy is doing 😉




Improves your concentration

Have you tried meditation?

Focusing on just one thing helps you distract yourself from the thousands of thoughts that come and just go by through our heads.

Shut that voice up and concentrate on your coloring page – you are free to experiment with different types of pens and pencils, color palettes.

You are already given the “frame” – all you need to do is to grab the colors that stand for your current mood, fill that bloody flowers or letters and voila.

Even if you don’t quite know how to do it, it’s not that hard.

We have also an article on how to choose a color palette for your adult coloring book if you are stuck dwelling over this.

And by the time you’re thinking about which color to pick next, you have already forgotten all your side problems and learned how to focus on this exact one thing!



Masters your brain halves

Left brain, right brain – always working together.

There are  many theories on left/right brain differences and while one is more logical and analytical, the other one is described as more intuitive and creative.

However, both halves have important roles.

No one is either fully “left brained”or “right brained”.

According to some researches in the last few years we’re both!

Scientists have also found some keys for brain “improvement” and intellectual stimulation.

Encouraging your attention via new ideas, thinking, reading, challenging yourself with new tasks or problems, meeting new people, chatting and…

…coloring of course 😉

Although we use both sides of the brain, some of us describe themselves as either left or right brained.

Left-brained thinkers have critical thinking, logic, mathematical, scientific skills while the right ones, on the other hand, prefer more expressive and creative tasks.

Yes, if you need right half type of activities to balance the things out, music, writing, coloring and other types of creative tasks are the perfect choice.



It’s for everybody!

How many times you have imagined a shape or an illustration in your head, grabbed a pen and then felt disappointed by the ending result?

Yes, sadly, it never turns out how you’ve imagined it.

Do you know there is a simple way of getting rid of that annoying feeling and staying in the artsy zone?

And that simple way is… 

…YES, coloring of course!

Let’s be honest, not everybody has that impressive talent for sketching or drawing.

However, everybody has a talent to color.

You may be 5 or 35, or even 65 – what’s the matter?

All you need is a pack of rainbow colored pens, imagination and willingness to experiment.

There’s no need to stick to specific color schemes and palettes. The cool thing in coloring for grown ups is that there are no rules and limits on how you express your mood and feelings.

So those are our top 7 reasons why adult coloring books are good for you.

Don’t forget to share them with your friends on social meadia by clicking the share buttos below!

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