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Swear Word Coloring Book – New Trend Emerging

As adult coloring books have gained their fair share of fame, grown-ups can now freely get childish whenever and wherever they wish. There’s nothing to be ashamed of anymore, play the fool as much as you want to.

The thing is, what if getting childish isn’t exactly what you need when somebody pisses you off at work? What if all you want is for the whole world to shut the f**k up? How can a colorful mandala or – let’s say – a bunny help you in this case?

It simply can’t.

If that’s the occasion, you might need something a little bit more adultish. That’s where the new type of adult coloring books comes in handy.

So, just how adult could an adult coloring book become? Turns out, pretty much.

Swear coloring books are slowly but steadily coming to light and everyone’s like – bloody hell, this is f**king genius!

Indeed, it is….

Curse words coloring books take anger management to a whole new level.

And that’s the purpose of an adult coloring book, right?

To calm you down and relieve you from all that stress. And we all know what’s the best way to take it on someone – by cursing the s**t out of them. Those dirty little books could channel all the negative energy and let you swear it all out. And in quite a fancy way, too!

No wonder they’re becoming so trendy!

Sarah Bigwood is the person responsible for all this fuss. The British artist has managed to accomplish what many others have failed in: finding a very innate, very elegant way to release our inner vulgar monsters without actually having to offend anyone (at least not verbally).

How very British!

Sarah’s book, “Sweary Colouring Book,” has all the essential ‘f’ and‘s’ words, plus a little treat for the true “sweary” fans – curses in UK style. From the most common “Bullocks” to “Twat Waffle” – everyone could find a little something for themselves. It’s almost like an educational book, only the things you’d learn from it are British cuss words. Now, that’s something to brag about!

Useful tips:

Swear word coloring books open the doors to a completely new variety of relaxation methods. New opportunities arise, reaching way beyond the usual purposes of adult coloring. They’re meant to subdue your anger by releasing it, not suppressing it.

So you might as well let it all flow out. At first you may find yourself a bit more bitter than before but soon you’d be all cursing and coloring, coloring and cursing.

(and in a good way, too)

Try these and see if these work out for you. If not, you could always f**k this s**t.

  • Write down the names of people you don’t like or simply get on your nerves and dedicate a special word to them. Then use all the colors that would best describe the way you feel about that person. (You might even get outside the lines and draw a little hanged man. Just for fun)
  • Another great way to cope with anger is to repeat that person’s name as you keep repeating the swear word. It’s almost like a mantra. At some point you’d realize that your anger has subsided and you might even start liking that person again. Okay, maybe not, but you get what I mean.
  • I have a friend who likes drawing on the wall when she feels inspired. Once inspiration came in the form of a huge “f**k off* on the ceiling, right above the bed, so as to be the first thing she sees when she wakes up. A little better alternative of that is to color your fav swear word on paper, then tear it up and hang it on the wall. Not so bad, is it?
  • Remember to take the kids to bed before you start coloring. You don’t want having to explain what “c**t* is.
  • The bottom line is – don’t hate. It would only make you feel worse. Get a book and start swear-, I mean, coloring. You’ll need all the cuss words you have in your vocabulary. And if you screw something up, well… f**k it!

  • This is such a good idea im a sixty year old woman who loves to color.These books are awsome hope to see more soon. Thank you.

    • Rangel Stoilov

      Glad yo see you like this kind of coloring books Evelyn 🙂 Sadly a lot of people do not understand them.

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